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Technical requirements 
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Working area
  • 1 area separate from the public
        - without possibility to come in with drinks
        - out of the way of the attendance
        - far from cigar's smokers or any other smoke with hard odor

    Basic requirement
  • 1 mixer with bass-medium-high filters (by canal)
        - with at least 2 free channels (cinch connection - easy to plug in)
  • 2 CD players with pitch variation
  • 1 vinyl platine -direct- (2 would be better)
  • 1 monitor in the booth, minimum 95db (a real monitor pls !)
  • 1 micro

    Specific requirements
  • 1 flat area on the right side of the mixer, at least 55x35cm (for a laptop)
  • 230V or 110V DC connection


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